Reseller - from $65 per month for 5 websites

The reseller plan has been created to allow website developers to offer website hosting as a service to their clients. We know that as a website developer you want two things: a) more money and b) no hassles whatsoever.

With that in mind we created this plan to a) let you make higher margins from onselling our service and b) let you offer website hosting to your clients even if you know absolutely nothing about the technical side of it at all - we fully manage every aspect for you, so all you need to do is email us and your request will be taken care of.

And if you need a reliable website hosting service - don't worry, that comes as standard!
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The details of this plan are as follows (all the options on this plan are on a fair use policy):

  • Includes 5 websites¬†- additional websites can be added for $5 per month each
  • Unmetered Storage Space
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Unmetered Email Addresses
  • Unmetered Databases

Does this website hosting plan sound like you? Great! 
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